Food is an art form much superior to others. Paintings attract our sight, music attracts our hearing. Great food however, tantalizes almost every sense, if not all.

Our main Chef has over two decades of experience and his protégé only a few years less. Both have been with us since 1998, between them they have tripled the size of our menu. Here you will find all the popular dishes along with a huge choice of creations only exclusive to us.

We no longer produce just Indian food. Our chefs have created their own methods of preparation and cooking. They have evolved their style to what they call “British food infused with authentic Indian herbs and spices. Don’t misunderstand me, they have not tampered with methods for ancient recipes, so you can rest assured that you can still enjoy a good old madras, dansak etc. So without boring you any further I’ll let you get on with why you’re here. Please enjoy the shanaz experience……….