Shanaz Indian restaurant in Lewis: Food as an Art

The unique Shanaz Indian Restaurant in Lewes, East Sussex, revealing all the culinary traditions of mysterious India. You will forget about the noise and hecticness of the big city and will be able to appreciate the taste of our dishes.

We look at Food as an Art. Great taste involves almost every sense, if not all.

Our Chef has over twenty years experience and his team only a few years less. We’re together since the opening, so they make a lot of for our menu.

Open Hours

Mon18:00 – 22:30
Tue18:00 – 22:30
Wed18:00 – 22:30
Thu18:00 – 22:30
Fri18:00 – 22:30
Sat18:00 – 22:30
Sun18:00 – 22:30

We don’t produce just simple Indian food. Our chef has created his own methods of cooking. He has improved his style to offer you best British food infused with authentic Indian herbs and spices.

Here you will find all the popular dishes along with a lot of our own exclusive creations.
We have not tampered with methods for ancient recipes, so you can be rest assured that you can still enjoy a good authentic aroma and taste.
We can offer you the cuisine of both North and South India, a vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu. In addition, our restaurant boasts an impressive collection of Indian wines, able to satisfy the most fastidious taste.

We’ll let you get on with why you’re here. Please enjoy the Shanaz experience and great taste.